Who knew that Frank Darabont was going to be giving us a sneak peek at the making of his upcoming film in his self-documented webisodes? I didn't, but I'm so glad it's happening. The first webisode, published by Darabont himself, gives you a look at what's happening on the set of The Mist. Specifically, we get a glimpse at one of the horrendous earthquakes that shakes its way through the film. Also featured in the webisode is comic book genius Eric Powell -- creator of The Goon -- who offers up a little help with the special effects by shaking some shelves to make the scene more real. After watching playback on what he sees as a successful scene, Darabont exclaims, "Just like being at home in L.A.!"

The Mist is based on the Stephen King novel, in which a terrible storm hits a small town in Maine, creating a large engulfing mist. Within the mist lives horrifying creatures that cause a group of people to fight for their lives while seeking shelter within a convenient store. Darabont is not only directing, but wrote the screenplay and is producing. Now we must wait -- impatiently, since the earthquake scene looks so good -- for its arrival in theatres later this year.
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