There has been plenty of speculation as to who was going to be providing the voice of the evil Megatron in Michael Bay's big-budget remake of Transformers. has been following the process pretty closely, and they have now confirmed that Australian actor Hugo "Mr. Anderson" Weaving has been signed on as the head Decepticon. Rumors of who was going to provide the voice varied from the traditionalist's choice Frank Welker (who voiced Megatron, Soundwave, and Galvatron in the animated series) to some bizarre gossip that it could be rapper Ludacris (aka Christopher Bridges) being up for the part. But silly rumors aside, it looks like the casting of Weaving could be a done deal.

Fans have had plenty of changes to get used to since the film was put into production. Last August, Mark gave us the news on some images of Megatron that had caused a stir among fans, and there have been plenty of grumbling about some of Michael Bay and producer Tom DeSanto's "stylistic" choices. With the addition of Weaving, who has already had plenty of voice-over experience. It will hopefully add a little something to a character design that has inspired some "mixedreactions" to say the least.
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