While the project appears to be up in the air at the moment, Bloody-disgusting is reporting some interesting bits about the proposed remake of the classic 1958 monster movie The Blob, in which a gelatinous creature from outer space chows down on the residents of a small town. Christopher Campbell first mentioned the film here on Cinematical back in December. While out promoting their forthcoming filmThe Reaping, screen writing duo Chad and Carey Hayes (who also penned the 2005 remake of House of Wax) shared a few details about the remake.

"It's a B.L.O.B: Biological Lethal Organic Bomb," says Carey. "It was created by our own government in the 50s, they beta tested it, it almost got out of control, but they confined it. Now it's back. But it's a fast blob, there's nothing slow, it's got major attitude. It's like Shaun of the Dead or Tremors." The new Blob film is expected to have an ensemble cast and a female lead character. "We like having female leads" Chad says. Is it just me, or does that synopsis sound more like a sequel than a remake? They also seem to be incorporating the government weapon angle from the first remake from 1988. And all this talk of a fast blob reminds me of the decision to let the zombies in Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead run instead of shamble.

The Blob, of course, has already weathered a 1972 sequel called Beware the Blob(a.k.a. Son of the Blob) which, interestingly enough, was the feature film directing debut of Larry Hagman. The Blob has always struck a chord with me; as monster's go it's pretty formidable, and your chances of talking it out of absorbing you into its mass are pretty slim. While I'm pretty sick of the current horror remake trend, I think the concept, like the blob itself, is malleable enough for another reinterpretation. It may all be moot, however, since producer Scott Rudin recently left Paramount for a position at Disney, leaving the project in limbo. Time will tell if this new Blob ever surfaces.

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