The final installment for Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's series, Ocean's Thirteen, is coming out this summer -- June 8th to be exact. Last August, Erik shared that this would be the end of the director's Ocean dalliances, and that this sequel was only being made to appease George Clooney. Obviously, this doesn't mean that someone else couldn't again revive the series, but for now it's the end. Of course, whenever you end something extremely popular, it has to go out with a bang. Big names, big action and big endings -- in more ways than one. (Stop reading now if you're antsy about potential spoilers.)

Well, we've already got extra big names added to the star-studded cast, Ellen Barkin and Al Pacino, as Scott Weinberg shared last year. The action, I'm sure it will be there. But what of the endings? Don Cheadle had some interesting things to say about the end of the series and what happens with his character, Basher Tarr -- explosives expert. MTV News says that while other actors have shown an interest in continuing the series, he's out: "It'll be [in theaters] June 8, and I'm taking Basher out in a way I couldn't have anticipated. I hope other people don't see it coming either." Does this mean that they're going to kill him off? If they were, I can't see him spoiling the surprise, so maybe this isn't about him being taken out of the mortal coil, but out of the business? Thoughts?
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