Kim Voynar and I watched one of the AFI Dallas midnight movies together, Beings, and it was one of the more unusual moviegoing experiences I've had. I don't just mean that the film itself was strange, either -- read Kim's review to find out about the movie. First of all, it was the only screening I've ever attended where the theater door was guarded by some serious men in black with sunglasses, looking very CIA-esque (or MiB as the case may be). Second of all, the filmmakers decided to bring in some help for the Q&A session. Normally, post-movie Q&As include the filmmaker and maybe some of the cast and crew talking about the filmmaking process, and maybe that hilarious practical joke that such-and-such actress played on everyone. This time, however, the Q&A addressed the movie's theme of alien abduction, and included input not only from writer/director Fredrick Wolcott but from Alien Agenda author Jim Marrs and the Texas director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Ken Cherry.

Before diving into the subject of alien abduction, Wolcott talked a little about the filmmaking process for Beings. He intended from the start to make a science-fiction film of some kind, he wasn't sure of what his focus would be. "I watched every sci-fi movie I could, and then sat down and wondered, what can I do that would work with a low budget? Maybe an alien movie ... but shot from the point of view of the aliens."

Wolcott interviewed a lot of self-professed alien abductees as research for Beings. Most of them told him they felt discombobulated and confused during their alien experiences, and he wanted to elicit as much of that response as possible in the film so that audience members would feel as though they themselves were experiencing alien abduction.
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