Ah, the glamour of traveling to film festivals. It all seems like such fun, and really it is ... once you get here. I headed out for the AFI Dallas International Film Festival (which will hereafter and forevermore be referred to here as 'AFI Dallas' for simplicity's sake -- and because I'm lazy), only to arrive at the airport and find that my flight to Denver had been delayed by four hours, which meant I wasn't going to make my connection to OKC.

See, I had this brilliant plan to fly into OKC and drive down from there in my mom's extra car, thereby both saving AOL bucks on a rental car while also getting to say howdy to my family. Unfortunately, thanks to spring break, I couldn't get a rebooked flight into OKC until March 27, but they were able to get me into Dallas. So I arrived here a day early and got settled in so I could hit the ground running.
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