Probably best known for his performance as divorce attorney Arnie Becker in the hit series L.A. Law which ran from 1986 to 1994 on NBC, Corbin Bernsen is now slated to direct a zombie flick. Variety is reporting that Bernsen will helm Dead Air, the story of a radio station staff trying to warn their Los Angeles area listening audience that zombies are on the loose in the wake of a large explosion. Sort of Night of the Living Dead meets WKRP in Cincinnati, I suppose. Bernsen will play a small role in the film, and the rest of the cast so far includes frequent Rob Zombie collaborator Bill Moseley, and former Babylon 5 star Patricia Tallman, who has experience fighting the undead having starred in the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead.

The screenplay has been written by newcomer Kenneth Yakkel, and will be produced by Antibody Films and Corbin Bernsen's Public Media Works. This will be Bernsen's third attempt at directing a feature. He's also no stranger to the horror genre having starred in The Dentistand its sequel The Dentist 2, which I haven't seen, but how hard can it be to make people afraid of dentists? Bernsen's next film set for release is Donna on Demand, a thriller co-starring Adrienne Frantz and Dan Lauria, set for release in September.

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