Though director Danny Boyle has been running all over town talking up an eventual Trainspotting sequel, Ewan McGregor reportedly squashed rumors of his own involvement in the film while appearing on the French show L'hebdo Cinéma, which was later picked up by the magazine version of Canal Plus. Since we don't have the original story to link to, take the following with a huge grain of salt. Apparently, McGregor told the show that he "definitely" doesn't want to be a part of the sequel and wasn't fond of the book (Porno) it's based on. He also confirmed his relationship with Boyle is still in ruins following a falling out the two had over a movie role.

The movie in question is The Beach, and McGregor is still pretty pissed off that Boyle (and the powers that be) gave the lead role to Leonardo DiCaprio after McGregor had starred in Boyle's three previous films (Trainspotting, A Life Less Ordinary, Shallow Grave). Since DiCaprio was coming off Titanic, it was a no-brainer to cast him over McGregor, even though the latter actor probably would have helped produce a better film. Part of the reason why the book is so great is due to the main character being British; once DiCaprio signed on, that aspect was thrown out the window. Though we don't have any firm quotes from McGregor on the subject, Boyle is certainly open to patching things up with his one-time mate. On McGregor's involvement in a possible Trainspotting sequel, Boyle recently said: "He's one of those guys who can do it, who has got that magic thing that people love. You don't come across it very often." Aww, isn't it about time these two guys hug it out?

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