Some of the first decent footage from New Line's upcoming adaptation of The Golden Compass has arrived online in the form of a behind-the-scenes promotional clip sort of thing. The majority of it is similar to the stuff that was shown to a group of us last month in London while on set, and it appears to all be coming together quite nicely. Pic is based on the first book in Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy, was written and directed by Chris Weitz, and stars Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, Eva Green and Dakota Blue Richards.

Though a lot of the effects aren't completed yet, it's still not hard to be impressed by Dennis Gassner's production design. When we were on set, Gassner spent about 45 minutes or so guiding us through the film's entire word; showing us stills, clips and concept art that absolutely blew our minds. In the 10 minutes of footage we watched, none of the daemons had been digitally created yet, but now, based on this footage, it seems some of that has been done ... though I would expect the finished product to look a lot more detailed than it does now. The Golden Compass takes place in a parallel universe to ours -- one that kind of looks like a futuristic version of the 1920s -- and follows a young girl named Lyra on a journey up North to save her best friend who's been kidnapped (along with a lot of other kids) by a mysterious organization. We'll have more from the set, as well a ton of behind the scenes goodies, as we draw closer to the pic's December 7 release date.

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