We caught up with Kurt Russell at the Grindhouse press junket over the weekend, and we were able to get the skinny from him on the developing hubbub over the possibility of Gerard Butler playing Snake Plissken in the remake of Escape from New York. The full junket report is coming very soon, but here's a sample:

Question: They've announced that they want to remake The Thing, and your The Thing with John Carpenter is one of the great remakes. What do you think about that, and would you like someone else to go in and play Snake Plissken? "You know, it's been a long time and I've seen a lot of it. They remade one of the Disney movies I was in ... The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. They took Stargate and made it into the most successful series, they took Backdraft and made that into two television shows that did okay I guess, They're gonna remake The Thing, they talked about remaking Escape from New York. You know what ... whatever, and good on you."

Question: So, you're not worried about it? "I feel like we did what we did, and that's always gonna be there. It'll be there to be compared, I'm sure it will be, they have to do that. My thoughts on it were, as a joke, you know when somebody said that about Gerard Butler playing Snake ... it is interesting to create a role that is iconic, and then have somebody go do that. That's interesting. At the same time, I had a sort of joke response, which is the way look at life, which is 'Oh my god, wait 'til Stuntman Mike (his character in Death Proof) hears about this.' (laughter).

"That's how I feel about! Maybe 30 years from now, someone's gonna do Stuntman Mike, and, well ... I got my version. You know, that's kind of all I think about it, I don't know what else to say."

So, probably not the final word on the whole matter, but it sounds like once he originally blew off some steam about the issue, he's starting to come to terms with it. Not sure he'll be front and center at the premiere for the remake, however.

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