Once again, when it comes to James Cameron, it cannot just be about making a movie it's about pioneering technology. Firstlook.net spoke with Michael Biehn during the L.A. junket for Grindhouse and he spoke about Cameron's Avatar and his possible involvement in the project. Biehn told Firstlook, "I've read the script, it's like Lawrence of Arabia in space. That's what you're looking at." Biehn's casting would make the film a reunion of sorts since Ryan gave us the news back in February that Sigourney Weaver had signed for the film. But Biehn has still not confirmed whether there will be role for him in the film.

Biehn also hinted that some of the technology behind the project would blow audiences away, saying, "Jim basically was talking to me about the technology of shooting this stuff and he said to me, 'Well, we don't really use a camera, Michael. We're not talking about film, we're not talking about HD... We don't use a camera.' -- but, unfortunately there was not much more info on what that really entails. Cameron is known for his technological advancements in The Abyss and Titanic, I for one am curious to see what he has planned this time. Cinematical was also at the Grindhouse junket, just in a different room -- our coverage is coming, as soon as we can type it all up.

[Thanks to Alex at Firstshowing.net]
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