Though superhero films are in hot demand these days, no studio has successfully been able to take a female character from the comics and create a film around her. Sure, they've tried (Supergirl) and then tried again (Catwoman), but the results don't even come close to the kind of box office numbers their male counterparts dish out. Recently, Joss Whedon came close with Wonder Woman. However, even with mega-producer Joel Silver attached, Warner Bros. still decided to can the Whedon version and (we think?) head in a new direction -- which may or may not include sticking the character in a Justice League film first in order to establish and spin-off from there.

But Wonder Woman isn't the only female superhero possibly suiting up for a big-screen appearance. Recent rumors suggest Warner Bros. is contemplating another Supergirl film, starring Battlestar Gallactica'sTricia Helfer. And what about those long-gestating plans to create a big-screen She-Hulk film. Back in the 80's, a She-Hulk pic was close to happening with Brigitte Nielsen (yikes, scary!) in the main role; so much so that Nielsen actually posed for photos dressed as the character (which you can see above). Though Eva Mendes was reportedly circling the She-Hulk role as of late, so far nothing has moved forward on that front. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Personally, I can't see any of these films finding success in theaters unless, for example, another established male superhero were to play a big role in the flick. I'm not against female superheroes, I'm just being realistic.

So, I ask you: Which female superhero would you like to see in theaters first? Supergirl, Wonder Woman or She-Hulk?

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