At the end of Léon (a.k.a. The Professional), Natalie Portman's character, Mathilda, goes back to school and presumably returns to a normal, civilized childhood. But who knows? A lot of us have imagined that she continues learning the ways of the assassin. I always think her character is like a precursor to the main character in Luc Besson's earlier film Nikita(aka La Femme Nikita). Of course, we will never know what really becomes of Mathilda, because Besson has no intention of making a sequel to Léon. But the last time he addressed the issue, he mentioned that people keep sending him script ideas for a follow-up. One of these ideas may have just been picked up by Focus Features.

According to Variety, Focus has a new film in development that the trade calls "a reverse spin on The Professional." Whether or not this was the studio's description, the film, called Hanna, appears to have a story that would easily work as a continuation of Besson's movie. It centers on a 14-year-old girl (two years older than Portman's character) who has been raised to be a killer (only here it is by her father, not the kindly neighborhood hit-man) and who now has to begin acting like a girl (just as Mathilda must do once back at school). The plot probably consists of the girl -- let's assume her name is Hanna -- getting into some sort of trouble that warrants her need to keep killing -- I'm thinking Grosse Pointe Blankbut much, much younger (homecoming dance substituted for reunion, etc.) I'm sure that I'm wrong about the script, which was written by Seth Lochhead, originating as a sequel to Léon, but Besson might want to just take a look at his supposed stack of submissions and make sure.
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