• Alan Black (1943-2007) - Animator on Yellow Submarine. He died March 5, in London. (Independent)
  • Ana Casares(c.1930-2007) - Actress who appears in Red Lips and Kiss Me, Monster. She died March 13, in Buenos Aires. (Variety)
  • Calvert DeForest(1921-2007) - Actor who appears in Heaven Help Us and Freaked. He is best known for playing the character Larry "Bud" Melman on Late Night with David Letterman. He died March 19, in Babylon, New York. (Variety)
  • Vilma Ebsen(1911-2007) - Dancer who appears in Broadway Melody of 1936. She was also the sister of Buddy Epsen. She died March 12, in Thousand Oaks, California. (Variety)
  • Freddie Francis(1917-2007) - Two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer of Glory and Sons and Lovers. He also shot Scorsese's remake Cape Fear and a few of David Lynch's films, including The Elephant Man and The Straight Story. He began as a camera operator, working on such films as John Huston's Beat the Devil and Moby Dick, and spent some time as a director, helming horror movies like Tales from the Crypt and Dr. Terror's House of Horrors. He died March 17, in West London. (Variety)
  • Eiji Funakoshi(1923-2007) - Japanese actor who starred in Ichikawa's Fires on the Plain and An Actor's Revenge and the monster movies Gamera and Attack of the Monsters. He died March 17. (Criterion)
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