When we first brought you news on the film Rocket, it was being called Eliot Rockett and Jimmy Fallon and Sharon Stone had just signed on to play a mother and son. Now, Variety brings us word that the film has changed titles, added Tom Arnold, Lucy Liu and Ileana Douglas to its cast, and, just recently, began production. Holly Wiersma, who is very familiar with pic's cast, having worked with all four actors on three different films (Factory Girl, Bobby, Happy Endings) is producing via her shingle Ring Prods.

Though he's still a fairly bankable star, Jimmy Fallon hasn't quite been able follow in his former SNL pals' footsteps and bring in major box office dollars. However, that hasn't stopped him from deciding to go the dramatic route (a la Sandler and Ferrell) in an attempt to switch things up and possibly provide a much-needed spark for his career. In Rocket, he'll star as a guy who has problems committing to his girlfriend (Liu), which stem from the extremely dysfunctional relationship his parents (Stone and Arnold) once shared. Pic is based on several short stories written by Ethan Canin, with a script penned by Patrick Sisam and Rick Velleu. Sisam is also set to make his feature directorial debut with the film. Do you think Fallon has what it takes to go all dramatic on us, or should he cash in his big-screen chips now and search for a comfy new TV gig?

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