Even the caterer from The Departed is getting more work these days, we hear. Vera Farmiga has just signed to star in a Miramax Holocaust-prestige pic called Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which will be aimed at a Christmas 2007 release. Based on a book by the same name from John Boyne, the story concerns a German family who move to the town of Auschwitz during the Holocaust; a friendship forms between the German family's little boy and a boy on the other side of the fence, which seems a bit unlikely. Weren't all the children pretty much killed right away at Auschwitz? Farmiga will play the German boy's mother, who slowly begins to discover what's going on at the notorious camp.

There's a jarring quote in the Variety article, which sort of took the wind out of my sails as I was reading it. Miramax honcho Daniel Battsek felt it was necessary to say "although it [the film] takes place during WWII, it is entirely relevant today," as if he's operating under a dead certainty that today's audiences probably think WWII happened in the 1600s. He's probably right, actually, but let's hope that's not the mentality that informs the making of the film. Next up for Farmiga is Joshua, a Sundance thriller that is making its way into theaters this summer. She also has another WWII film, In Tranzit, in the pipeline, although no release date has been set yet.