Thanks to the enormous success of 300, director Zack Snyder can probably set up as many dream projects as he wants right now. He has already been able to get Watchmenup and running and he would certainly be offered the 300 sequel if it happens. Another project that he's just set up is a return to the zombie action-horror genre. It is called Army of the Dead and while it sounds like a sequel to his first big hit, Dawn of the Dead, the fact that this will be made by Warner Bros. instead of Universal makes me think it is definitely not related. Snyder wrote the story, which takes place in a quarantined Las Vegas, and he will co-produce with wife Deborah, but he hasn't announced whether or not he'll direct.

For now it is only known that a script is being written by Joby Harold and that Snyder wants the movie to be a sweeping epic with a style similar to that of 300. I am one of the few zombie movie fans that wasn't too crazy about Snyder's Dawn remake (it seemed to me more a scene-by-scene remake of Maximum Overdrivethat substituted zombies for trucks), but because I will watch any movie with zombies, I'm willing to give him another shot. Plus, I love the idea of zombies in Vegas. Whenever I'm at a casino, I already think of the people around me as being like the living dead, and I can certainly imagine zombies blankly playing the slots. Of course, since I'm envisioning a campy movie closer in style to Romero's original Dawn of the Dead, I doubt I will be satisfied. Still, I can't completely dismiss it just because it is different than what I would do, and I'm excited to see what Snyder claims will be the biggest-scale zombie movie yet.

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