Although Jane Campion's latest project seemed to have been forgotten, much like her career, it's finally making some headway. In May of last year, Martha Fischer posted that the director's latest project, Bright Star, would deal with John Keats and his relationship with Fanny Brawne, which stretched three years until his death at the age of 25. They had met when he had moved next door to the girl, and it is said that their relationship was not a big bowl of bright peaches. By the end, all that she could write in her diary was: "Mr. Keats has left Hampstead." (That is when he left for Italy in an attempt to get well, which, obviously, didn't happen.)

Finally, the casting is starting to come together for the film, and The Hollywood Reporter has released that Abbie Cornish, the star of last year's Candy with Heath Ledger, is in talks to take on the lead role as Ms. Brawne. If the talks are successful, this will bring the actress one step closer to a solid career as a professional love interest. She's got a thing for pulling hearts, with each of her most recent features dealing with romance -- Somersault, Candy and A Good Year. From there, she can take on the world! That's the way it works right? Most big-name celebrity actresses seem to start out that way -- Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock... Considering the rumors that Cornish might be the next Bond girl, it seems to be working already! Me, I'll just be happy to finally see another Campion movie, even if it will make me feel like I should have accomplished a lot more by the age of 25. On a side note: I wonder if they'll end the movie like Brawne ended the Keats relationship in her journal? That would be amusing.
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