You may think you've seen all the road trip movies you'll ever want to see in your lifetime, but trust me on this: Darius Goes West is not your average road trip flick. The film is a documentary about 15-year-old Darius Weems, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the most common type of MD. Duchenne is always fatal, killing the boys who have it by their late teens to early 20s. Darius watched his older brother, Mario, die of Duchenne, and he knows he faces the same fate, and yet his attitude is so positive, so sunny and bright, that other people are drawn to the infectious orbit of his radiant personality.

Darius had a dream: To have his wheelchair pimped out on MTV's Pimp My Ride, so that he can expose millions of young people in the MTV generation to muscular dystrophy, and motivate them to help find a cure for the devastating disease. But Darius wants more than that. He's never been out of the town of Athens, GA in his life, and he wants to see some of the world before he dies. So he and his 11 best friends concoct a plan: To take a roadtrip to California and back in an RV, and along the way to film a documentary about their trip, exploring how accessible to the disabled America really is.
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