Big buzz on the Bond beat, baby! (Yeah, you like that alliteration?) As previously reported, frequent Bond scripters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are writing the script for the 22nd James Bond film, and it will be a continuation of the events in Casino Royale. Now we know a bit more. Purvis and Wade are reportedly basing their script on four of Ian Fleming's short stories: The Hildebrand Rarity, The Property Of A Lady, Risico, and 007 In New York. I'm not a Bond expert, but some online research revealed that bits and pieces from these stories have made it into previous Bond films already. As for plot details, "the duo refused to comment on whether the plot featured Vesper's Algerian boyfriend being a central character in Bond's quest to topple the organization that Le Chiffre worked for." Title-wise, all they're saying is Bond 22 will not be called Risico.

Jeff Blake, a Sony Pictures Entertainment executive, says the script is not yet completed, but that "two things are definite: Daniel Craig is returning, and we're going November 7th [2008]. After that it gets complicated...The idea is for the movie to start shooting at the beginning of next year. It would be nice to have the draft next week. [Laughs]. The sooner the better. It's not an easy thing to do, because the bar was raised with the last picture, so we have to raise our game again." Hopefully this "game raising" doesn't involve invisible cars.

And it just wouldn't feel right if Cinematical didn't bring you at least one "Bond Girl" rumor each week, so here's the latest. There is supposed to be a "Kickboxer Girl" in the new Bond movie, which shrinks the casting pool considerably. A Turkish beauty named Fulya Keskin has submitted photos and is generating a lot of interest, because she is that all too rare commodity: "a model famous for her kickboxing talent." I thought I was the only one! Head here to check out a photo of the Turkish delight so stunning I spat out my coffee. The picture is more Maxim than Playboy, but I still wouldn't bring it up at work.
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