It is an experience that many great filmmakers before have had to go through. Now it is Darren Aronofsky's turn. He flopped big with a pet project, last fall's The Fountain, and now he must work as a for-hire on a studio film he's not personally invested in. Fortunately Aronofsky's strengths as a filmmaker are enough that he won't be stuck with just any old project. Instead he may be able to work with actors as popular, talented and bankable as Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg, both whom are set to star in Paramount's boxing biopic The Fighter. Aronofsky is currently in talks to helm the movie, which we told you about in February.

If Aronofsky signs on, it will likely be his next film, probably even ahead of Black Swan, which was put on the fast-track back in January. But if he passes on the project, it could be because he's a big fan of Billy Elliot (you know, for choosing ballet over boxing). It is hard to imagine Aronofsky making a mainstream boxing movie focusing on themes of brotherhood and redemption -- this is how the studio has been describing the concentration of Paul Attanasio's rewrite of the script -- but this only makes me hope that he takes the job. Sometimes it is more interesting to see a stylish filmmaker take on work that is unexpected of him. There's always the possibility for disaster, but there's also a great chance that it will at least be a cool-looking disaster.
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