Hey, remember back in the day when there was this TV show called The X-Files? And, based on the success of the show, they made a movie? It's okay if you don't remember, the film came out -- I dunno -- nine freaking years ago! Since then there's been talk of a sequel ... and more talk of a sequel ... and even more talk of a sequel. Heck, two years ago David Duchovny actually said that an X-Files 2 was taking shape and would go into production sometime in 2006. Yeah, that never happened. However, while out promoting his latest film, The TV Set, Duchovny noted that negotiations were just about wrapped up, and he feels production will now start sometime in 2008, or sooner. Then again, he's said this before ... so, X-Files fans, don't go holding your breath.

One thing Duchovny did note back in 2005 was that the sequel will not pick up where the last film left off, or involve some sort of alien conspiracy. Instead, it will be a regular old supernatural horror film. No word on what that means for Agent Mulder (will he be hunting down ghosts on MySpace alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar), but ditching the whole "alien aspect" might not sit well with those die hard fans. If it is true that negotiations are wrapping up this week, there's a good chance the trades will pick it up within the next few days. If so, hopefully they will shed a bit more light on the project. What do you think? Is it too late for an X-Files sequel, or are you still down for one more round with Mulder ... regardless of whether he's chasing aliens or chasing tail?

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