If there's one thing that's more inevitable than a PG-13 remake of a classic horror flick, it's a sequel to an "out of nowhere" horror hit. And yes, I most definitely consider Danny Boyle's28 Days Later to be (at least partially) a horror flick, although I have a few geek friends who love to argue about that. And we all know the drill by now: We hear that something called 28 Weeks Later is in production and we get really conflicted. On one hand, another dose of infected terror could be a real hoot; on the other, we really hate it when we see lame-o sequels spawned from really solid genre flicks.

The good news is that, based on what I've seen and heard regarding 28 Weeks Later, we just might be in for a gruesome good time. And if you'd like a nifty little taste of what's in store for a post-apocalyptic London, then by all means check out this brand-new trailer for the sequel. (Before yesterday you could only see this clip if you went to see The Hills Have Eyes 2, and while it's a pretty good trailer, I don't really consider that a fair trade-off.) Helmed by Intacto director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, the follow-up stars folks like Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, Harold Perrineau and Catherine McCormack and it opens wide on May 11.
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