When Jon Favreau told fans last week (via his MySpace page) that he was itching to get out of the cave they've been shooting in, he wasn't kidding. The first pics from the set of Iron Man have arrived online, giving us our first exterior glimpse of what Favreau's Afghanistan will look like ... even though it's being shot outside a little town called Lone Pine in California. And yes, they're shooting in a real cave. Though none of the actors are present (darn!), we get to check out the Stark Industries logo for the first time, as well as an assortment of weapons stacked inside a make-shift camouflage tent.

The cave in question is meant to serve as the location where Tony Stark is held captive against his will, forced to build weapons for an evil man (at least, that's what happens in the comics). While he's in captivity, Stark creates the Iron Man suit and uses it to escape. These are crucial scenes, and based on the images it seems Favreau is going for a real authentic look ... right down to the very real missile launchers that appear in a few of the pics. Aside from these desert scenes, apparently filming is also about to take place at the appropriately titled Downey Studios in Downey, CA. Not sure if they decided to film there because Robert Downey Jr. is playing Iron Man, but I did find it to be an interesting little sidenote. Iron Man will arrive in theaters on May 2, 2008; here's hoping Favreau decides to whet our appetites with photos of Downey Jr. before the month is out.

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