Ever since I was a small boy knocking over convenience stores in order to supply my imaginary pet dragon with enough food for it to survive at least one more day, I've been a fan of The Simpsons. I became addicted during those Tracey Ullman days -- trying to find ways to shoot those mini episodes straight into my veins -- and still continue to enjoy The Simpsons till this day (even though Fox decided to start airing back-to-back Scrubs episodes, wiping out the ever-so-precious 11:30PM viewing of my favorite animated cartoon). That said, I do feel a Simpsons movie is arriving a bit too late. A bit too past its prime. Then again, if they can somehow find a way to tap into the soul of those classic episodes, we could be in store for a major Simpsons revival -- the likes of which we have never seen before. Ever!

And now we have our first test screening review. Apparently, The Simpsons Movie recently screened in Portland, Oregon (because series creator Matt Groening either went to college there or is a huge, overly-obsessive Blazers fan ... or both) and -- whaddya know -- one of the people in attendance decided to write in and tell AICN all about it. According to said scooper, the film is far from done -- with only about 30% of the animation in tip top shape. Though all the voice acting was complete, the score (provided by Danny, er, Hanz Zimmer???) was not. But is it good? Here's a juicy quote for ya: "It's funny, charming, exciting, familiar and is peppered with delightfully loving references to all our favorite events in the Simpsons family history (one in particular will have you whooping with joy in your seat if you're a Simpsons fan)."

The largest problem this scooper had was that the film was too short, and that a lot of our favorite secondary characters were given very little screen time. He said he felt like he was watching back-to-back-to-back episodes, with the first giving us comedy, the second giving us plot and the third giving us an ending ... which he calls "exciting, clever and extremely satisfying." All in all it seems like a pretty positive review, coming from someone who says they're a "pretty big" Simpsons fan. Keep in mind, the powers that be still have some time to whip this puppy into shape; The Simpsons Movie doesn't arrive in theaters until July 27.

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