British actor and star of TV's 'Lost' Naveen Andrews has a small role in Grindhouse, and took the trouble to show up at this past weekend's junket in Los Angeles to discuss the film. In between sharing stories and jokes with the press corp., Cinematical heard someone ask Naveen if he was planning any upcoming film roles with his longtime love, actress Barbara Hershey. To this, he immediately answered: "I'd like to do a remake of -- I don't know if you know the Fassbinder film, Fear Eats the Soul. We'd like to do that." Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, is of course a seminal 1974 film focusing on a romance between a middle-aged German woman and a younger Arab man. When asked again if he really wanted to mount a remake of the film, Andrews replied: "Who knows? Get Harvey to put the money up."

Throughout the course of his press talk, Andrews talked up a number of other issues including, of course, Grindhouse films, which he claims to not get in the slightest. He also was asked if he thought this film could be a negative impact on society. "Well, it goes back to like Clockwork Orange, when Kubrick released it in England, people going around in bowler hats and raping people and beating them up. Humanity's a strange thing, especially within a medium as powerful as cinema, but I honestly found the violence on the page, at least, ridiculous. I can't see people sort of sitting in their rooms planning to kill a zombie."

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