DVD keeps on rolling with three more hot picks from the 2006 fall/winter line... Enjoy the multitude of options while you can: Soon you'll be deliberating between Norbit and Blood and Chocolate...

Children of MenChildren of Men
Anyone else mortified by what they see in Alfonso Cuarón's crystal ball? It's a bleak future where terrorism is right-around-your-corner rampant, Michael Caine is high and human beings are no long able to procreate, which is only good news for deadbeat dads and professional athletes (the last part, that is). And it all takes place in... 2027?! Children of Men joins V for Vendetta and Battlestar Galactica (and possibly even War of the Worlds) in the ranks of post-9/11 action/sci-fi. It's never exactly clear why people can't make babies anymore (was it the iPods? God's punishment for gay marriage?), all we know is that Clive Owen becomes the protector of the world's last and only pregnant woman, and he's got a helluva task in front of him in guiding her to safety. Despite its violence, the film is tamer than you'd expect, but stinging and resonating in unexpected ways all the while.
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Fun Fact: Ironically, Julianne Moore wouldn't sleep with you if you were the last fertile man on Earth.

The Pursuit of HappynessThe Pursuit of Happyness
Like most films "inspired by a true story," this heartfelt drama alternately feels like a slice of real life and a slab of Hollywood fantasy. Either way, it's touching, touching stuff, and one of the best father-son stories I've seen since The Champ. Will Smith, who got a well-deserved Oscar nod for his emotionally wrenching performance, is a San Fran father of one (real-life son Jaden) who changes gears when his entrepreneurial endeavor selling medical equipment falls flat, enrolling in a stockbroker internship program. He soon goes broke, leaving him and his son on the street. As a survivor of an unpaid internship, I could relate to Smith's struggle, and give him extra credit for not eating his young. Given the "true story" tag, you can probably guess that no matter what happens, it's uplifting. The moral: Work hard enough, go broke, live in homeless shelters, and you, too, can have a 1/21st chance of becoming a stock broker. Remember folks, Happyness is obtainable no matter which way you spell it.
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Fun Fact: That's Jaden Christopher Syre Smith to you.