With Grindhouse all wrapped up and set to debut a week from this Friday, Robert Rodriguez can finally move onto his next film: a sequel to the highly-successful Sin City. Frank Miller has already completed the script, which will based off the story A Dame to Kill For, and the entire crew is currently gearing up to begin production sometime this summer (we think). While there's still no word regarding Angelina Jolie's involvement as, well, the dame to kill for, Rodriguez is now dropping a few other big names into the mix -- Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas. According to the director, Depp (who starred in Rodriguez's Once Upon a Time in Mexico) wanted to play Jackie Boy (Benicio del Toro) in the original Sin City, but was too busy shooting TheLibertine at the time. Needless to say, Rodriguez wants him to play a bigger role in the Sin City franchise -- but that role won't show up until Sin City 3.

Yes, Sin City 3. Rodriguez told MTV that the third film will revolve around the Sin City story Hell and Back, focusing on a main character named Wallace (to be played by Depp?) who is drugged repeatedly and, subsequently, wanders through the film hallucinating. (So, it's kind of like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ... but in black and white.) While no deal is in place yet, Rodriguez feels confident that Depp will take the role. As far as Banderas goes, there was no word whether he would fit into part 2, part 3 or both; the actor really wants to take on a role, any role -- going so far as to say he'd play the hunchback. Seeing as Rodriguez and Miller are apparently planning two Sin City sequels at the same time, one wonders whether they will be shot back-to-back. According to IMDb, both films are currently scheduled to be released in 2008, though I imagine the latter would roll over into 2009 in order to establish a little bit of breathing room between the two. Thoughts?

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