Last night, I came real close to bumbling my way into a super secret Transformers screening over at the AMC in Times Square. Though I was there to (unfortunately) see Blades of Glory, the girl guarding the list originally thought I was supposed to see Transformers. Since Cinematical was depending on me to provide you with a review of Blades, I reluctantly had to inform her I was there for that movie ... and not Transformers. Needless to say, I whimpered my way up to theater number one and took my seat next to someone who apparently finds Jon Heder to be the funniest person in the history of ever. But I digress.

Seeing as the internets were out to rub the whole situation in my face this morning, I was not at all surprised to find that Transformers now has a spiffy new MySpace page, featuring two brand new pics of Optimus Prime and Megatron staring down one another. In fact, folks can then choose a side (good or bad) when deciding who they would rather be friends with: the robots trying to destroy the earth or the ones trying to save it. Those same two pics are now part of two new one-sheets for the film as well. Both robots look pretty rad, and I'm now convinced this film will kick some major ass ... even if Shia LaBeouf annoys me to no end. Transformers is set to invade theaters on July 4, so choose your sides now ... and choose wisely.

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