I'm guessing that it did not take long for the numbers to roll in on 300before studios were looking for the next graphic novel to turn into a CGI blockbuster. IESB has reported that there is now talk of a bidding war for Jeff Krelitz's upcoming comic series War In Heaven. Trac2 Media will be developing the film adaptation and according to IESB, DC Comics along with several unnamed studios and comic book publishers are vying for the rights. The comic series is being produced by Krelitz, with co-writing duties going to Craig Hernandez and Keith Giffen (Legion of Superheroes). Giffen's name might ring a bell to fans of Justice League as the author of the international version of the series made in the 80's.

There aren't many details on the story yet, but what is known is that is the story will focus on Lucifer leading a rebellion at the pearly gates. The bad news is that the comic hasn't been written yet, so a film version is pretty far off. IESB is also hosting an sneak peek at some artwork, but they cannot promise that the will be up for long. So if you can't wait for the finished product, you might want to head over now.

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