Lots has been happening here in Dallas since the last dispatch I wrote up. I've seen several docs here: Where the Sun Rises, Darius Goes West, and Rape of Europa, and today I saw The Proper Care and Feeding of an American Messiah, Paprika, and Living and Dying. Let's talk about the docs first, because docs are one of my favorite genres. There aren't quite as many playing at this fest as I'd like, and most of the doc screenings have been a bit lightly attended. I've talked to a few locals about this, and what I keep hearing is that Dallas folks haven't really been exposed much to the idea of documentaries as entertainment, as opposed to something you're forced to watch for a class or catch on PBS because nothing else is on and you have insomnia.

So I want to plug some docs I've really enjoyed here so far. Where the Sun Rises, helmed by Grace Phan, is about Xanana Gusmao, former guerrilla leader and current president of East Timor, the world's youngest independent nation. Where the Sun Rises isn't about war and politics, though, it's about the healing power of forgiveness, and Gusmao's journey from hate to love and genuine forgiveness.
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