The indie drama Who Loves the Sun, which screened at AFI Dallas last weekend, is a good example of a low-key relationship movie, with just five characters and a single large setting -- an island where the family of characters has its summer home. The Canadian island setting is so lush and varied that you forget at times that this is a low-budget film limited to one location.

Will (Lukas Haas) returns to the Bloom family home after being away -- in fact, it turns out that he simply vanished five years ago and Mary and Arthur Bloom (Wendy Crewson and R.H. Thomson) don't know why. They persuade their son Daniel (Adam Scott), a successful NYC magazine editor who was formerly Will's childhood friend, to come for a visit, but the guys just bicker and yell like brothers gone sour. Then Will's wife Maggie (Molly Parker) turns up and we learn that before Will disappeared after catching Maggie and Daniel in flagrante. Now the trio needs to reconcile with one another, including figuring out which guy will end up with Maggie (if any). Mary and Arthur are inevitably drawn into the situation as well.
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