As we've told you recently, Bryan Singer has changed gears a little bit -- instead of jumping directly onto a Superman Returns sequel, he's going to be directing an untitled WWII thriller with his old Usual Suspects collaborator Christopher McQuarrie. Looks like things are moving along briskly, since the untitled film apparently has a title already. According to the Guardian, the film will be called Valkyrie, which was the code name of the plot to assassinate Hitler that the story deals with. Scripted by McQuarrie, Valkyrie concerns real-life Nazi officer Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg who, along with several others, carried out the famous assassination attempt on Hitler in July 1944.

Unfortunately, von Stauffenberg's plan -- an exploding briefcase planted near Hitler during a meeting -- failed to kill the Nazi leader but did end up taking the lives of four of his subordinates. An entire second part of von Stauffenberg's plan, to mount a quick coup of the Nazi leadership and overthrow the regime in one fell swoop, was immediately aborted when Hitler survived the plot, and the conspirators were hunted down within hours. For his efforts, von Stauffenberg was executed by firing squad. The film is being financed by Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner through their new United Artists company and its rumored that Cruise is circling the role of von Stauffenberg -- a move that is not sitting well with members of von Stauffenberg's family, as they worry Cruise will use the film to push some hidden Scientology agenda.
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