I'm convinced there will soon come a time when every other film playing in theaters will have something to do with this whole Iraq mess. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you -- I'm sure there are plenty of courageous stories to tell. It's just, well, depressing. All of it. The whole thing. And I hate it when they make me cry. They always make me cry. Damn wounded soldier and his last-ditch effort to get a message out to his newborn son. Hollywood might as well tear out my heart and drop it in the middle of a rugby game. Anyway, Escape Artists has picked up the rights to an essay -- published in he New York Times this past January -- and written by the fiance of a recently deceased soldier, as a producing and possible starring vehicle for Denzel Washington. (Or, as the obnoxiously loud woman next door calls him, "Denzeeeel!!!")

Journal for Jordan was written by Dana Canedy, and it describes a 200-page journal her fiance penned for their newborn son -- a sort of "this is the way the world works"-type thing -- which the boy could grow up with in the event his father never returned home from Iraq. And guess what? He never returned home from Iraq. 1st Sgt. Charles Monroe King was killed this past October in Baghdad, one month before he was due to come back home. (Hang on, let me just save Hollywood some time and find the next rugby game in my area.) Washington will produce along with Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch; the project will most likely find a home at Columbia Pictures, since that's where Escape Arists has a first-look deal. Currently, no director or writer is attached.

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