The Icelandic film Eleven Men Out has just obtained North American distribution from here! Films. The 2005 film, about a soccer star who is fired from his professional team after he outs himself, then eventually leads an all-gay amateur soccer team, played a number of U.S. film festivals last year. Martha Fischer, who reviewed the film at last year's New Directors/New Films festival, found it charming and engaging (I know she's a pushover for soccer); I reviewed it myself during aGLIFF in Austin and thought it was funny at times, but relied too much on gay stereotyping. Eleven Men Out is the third feature film from Reykjavik writer/director Robert I. Douglas.

here! Films is the theatrical division of the gay-themed cable channel of the same name. The company plans to release the film in theaters this summer through distributor Regent Releasing. If you get tired of watching big blockbuster comedies, Eleven Men Out might provide an amusing alternative. I assume that at some point after the theatrical release, you'll be able to catch the film on the here! channel if it's available in your area.

[via IndieWIRE]
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