Get ready to proclaim the good news, all ye fans of Steve Carell, The Office and Bruce Almighty. Tomorrow night (Thursday, March 29) at 9PM EDT Moviefone will be debuting the brand-new full-length trailer for Evan Almighty, aka the sequel to Bruce, right here. Sensitive folk that we are, we understand that 9PM tomorrow night sounds like it's eons away to some of you Carell junkies. To this end, we're offering an exclusive glimpse at the poster for Evan Almighty right this minute. Behold it in all its godly glory below (double-click on the image for a larger version).

Exclusive first look at the Evan Almighty poster

In this sequel to the 2003 box office hit, Carell reprises his role as Evan Baxter, but he's come a long way from competing with Jim Carrey for the job of news anchor at a Buffalo, New York, TV station. Newly elected to Congress, Evan is determined to serve his country -- that is, until God (Morgan Freeman) charges him with the task of becoming a modern-day Noah (complete with gray beard and Iggy Pop-length hair), building a new ark and perhaps saving all of mankind. Remember to check out Moviefone tomorrow night for the premiere of a trailer so funny you just might exclaim -- as Evan did in Bruce Almighty -- "I like-a do the cha-cha like a little sissy girl." Evan Almighty sails into theaters June 22.

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