Saint, Medieval Abbess and the woman that many believe to be the original feminist,Hildegarde of Bingen is finally making her way to film. For those of you not up on your Catholic history, she was a woman born with visions, who somehow escaped scorn for her affliction, did all that church stuff, and remains penned in history for her intellectual achievements. She wrote a number of botanical, medical and geological texts, and also created an alphabet and composed music that is seen by many to be the foundation to opera.

But we can't forget her achievements in the realm of sex -- her writings included beliefs that men and women are equal beings, that sexual pleasure is not sinful and that the orgasm helps for the man's seed to be caught within the woman. If only men over the centuries read her texts and did more to please their ladies! Now German director Margarethe von Trotta, who has a long history of heading films with strong, female protagonists, will be directing the film. She's also had a history with historical periods, such as her 2003 film Rosenstrasse, which was about women married to Jewish men who saved their husbands from death camps during World War II. This saintly cinema will be filmed late this summer and released next year. I'm curious to see how they'll deal with her visions -- the sexual ones especially. Will they be words flowing through her mind, or bright, loud color?
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