Kurt Russell

How did Quentin first approach you about the film? "Well, I was in Tahiti actually. I was on vacation, and I had worked with Freddy Rodriguez on Poseidon and Dreamer. The release of Poseidon was still in the future. I forget how I got this message, but I called him back, and we played a little phone tag, and finally when I got ahold of him, he said 'I'm doing this movie with Robert Rodrigeuz and Quentin Tarantino is doing his own movie, and they're gonna put 'em together for a double feature under the name Grindhouse. And I said 'that sounds like fun, that sounds interesting.' And he said 'yeah, I think Quentin is gonna come to you with this, I know Mickey Rourke is maybe happening, maybe not happening.' Then I found out later there were also other people -- Ving Rhames was a name. I kind of got the gist of what the character might sort of be in the vein of. Then somewhere along the line, Quentin called and then I called him back, and we played phone tag, but in our phone messages we began to strike up a relationship.

Then all of a sudden, he just said 'I want you to do this.' He said 'I want you to add this to your rogue's gallery of characters.' He said 'you've played some phenomenal characters and I want you to do this one.' And I remember sending a message back to him saying 'I suppose it is about time we worked together.' I knew what he meant. I had spent an hour with him, and I knew that he knew a lot of the things I'd done, and I knew that he was specifically interested in some of the stuff I'd done with John Carpenter. And I knew that Rodriguez was, because he came down to the set of Escape from L.A., when he was just kind of getting going. So I got the drift, the gist of what was going on. Then I read the script and my only concern was, as has happened sometimes in the past, there's a director you want to work with, but then you read the part and you go 'ehh ... I don't wanna do that guy,' or 'that's not the kind of movie I want to do with this director'...It would be like getting a script from Sam Peckinpah and he wants you to play, I don't know, the gay smithee. And you go, 'well, that could be fun ... but I don't want to do that with him.'