Indie niblets for you:
  • It's been a few months since director Adrienne Shelly died at the hands of a short-tempered construction worker. Now, while her final film gears up for a pie-licious May release, a number of awards and initiatives have been announced to continue women's filmmaking in her memory. The American Film Institute is launching a production grant what will underwrite a Master Class in Directing under her name, Columbia University is starting an annual Adrienne Shelly Award for best female directors, New York Women in Film & Television is launching an ASF Finishing Funds Grant and an annual ASF scholarship with be awarded annually at the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television (part of NYU). It's great news for future female filmmakers, but it's a shame that it couldn't come years later, after Shelly enjoyed an extremely long and successful life.
  • As part of a Q&A with TOMB, Mira Nair, the Indian director responsible for works like Vanity Fair and The Namesake chatted briefly about another feature in the works -- this time, a documentary on The Beatles. Nair has an interesting spin on the epic band. It will delve into inspiration and how it strikes. In the late 60's, the group went to India, where it is said they created most of their White Album and part of Abbey Road. As Nair describes: "This moment of amazing inspiration that the Beatles had in this remote place on the banks of the Ganges -- how does it happen?" It could be a great view into the band, and at the very least, have some great tunes to accompany it.
  • Walter's son, Charlie Matthau, is getting busier and gearing up for another film to add to Freaky Deaky, which I posted about in January. He will direct Mikey & Dolores,a jazz-infused love story about an unlucky talent manager who falls for a jazz singer who is a client of his. The lead is being played by David Proval, who also penned the script with wife Cheryl Meccariello, and there is no word yet on his love interest. However, according to Matthau, he's looking at a tasty little cast to round things off. He says that he is in talks with Eric Roberts, Steven Bauer, Vincent Pastore and Tanna Frederick, with two already signed on -- Don Rickles as a standup comic and Pete Rose as a Vegas celebrity. It will shoot this May in Vegas and L.A.
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