Young up-and-comer Mary Elizabeth Winstead turned up at this past weekend's Grindhouse junket, where Cinematical's crackerjack reporter Kevin Kelly was stationed to pick up even the tiniest bits of news. While talking up her role in the film, Winstead was asked to drop some info about her other upcoming, high-profile project, Live Free or Die Hard, or as the non-Americans of the world know it, Die Hard 4.0. She didn't have much to say, but when asked directly if Bonnie Bedelia would be turning up for any kind of role in the film, Winstead confirmed what was already pretty much common knowledge -- that Bedelia will be a no-show once again. "She's not [back], no," was Winstead's answer. "I kind of take over that role as 'the family member' who is kind of taking care of herself, but also needs a little help from John McClane, too."

Winstead also said that her character, Lucy McClane, will get to have some kind of fight scenes in the film. When asked if Lucy is a 'damsel to be rescued,' Winstead replied: 'Kind of, but not really, because I'm a McClane, so I get to throw some punches. I get to kick a little butt, which is fun." Is villain Timothy Olyphant targeting McClane's daughter? Doesn't he have bigger fish to fry, like shutting down the whole country, or something? Anyway, I'm not going to be satisfied until we find out that Reginald VelJohnson's character has actually been the mastermind behind all of John McClane's troubles since 1988.

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