Since the original Mortal Kombat was one of the first films I watched in a theater with surround sound, I hold a special place in my heart for this franchise. I was a big fan of the video games growing up, but, like everyone else, was extremely let down by the films -- most notably, the sequel: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (or Mortal Kombat: You People Are Seriously F**king Up Some Really Cool Characters). A third Mortal Kombat flick has been hanging around development hell for awhile now, circling a group of writers (because it will take at least 50 scribes to make this one really suck), yet there's been very little movement on it.

This latest news comes straight from the film's (tentatively titled Mortal Kombat: Devastation) director, mink. Yes, that's his name -- mink. The guy has been trolling the IMDb message boards, telling fans what his plans are for the next film. Apparently, it will not be a prequel (as once discussed), but instead will go the Batman Begins route and start all over again. This news backs up info sent in to Moviehole which suggested that these delays are due to writers turning in drafts, which then go through several different avenues before winding up back in another writer's hands. Rinse, repeat ... and so on. Though no casting has officially taken place, mink confirmed that he has met with both Christopher Lambert (Lord Rayden) and Robin Shou (Liu Kang), but -- and here's my opinion -- they should just bring on a whole new cast, try and nab a few names and attack this puppy with all they've got. Then again, when the director notes they have "a staff of writers" working on it, that cannot be a good sign of things to come.

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