It's a new day, and a new bit of Indy 4 casting news has leaked out into the trades. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ray Winstone has signed on for a "major role" in the fourth installment due out next May. For those of you who don't immediately know Winstone by name, he's the guy who played Jack Nicholson's sidekick in The Departed. Ya know, the gritty looking guy with the beard? Other credits of his include Robert Zemeckis' upcoming Beowulf, Breaking and Entering and Sexy Beast. Though the plot for Indy 4 has been safely guarded to this point, HR says Winstone will be playing Harrison Ford's sidekick. Hmmm ... interesting.

Part of me thinks Winstone will play a Dr. Marcus Brody-type character, a la Denholm Elliott in Raiders and The Last Crusade. I imagine they'll tell us Brody has passed away, and perhaps Winstone has taken his place. It's interesting to note that HR does list the Cate Blanchett casting news as being legitimate, but nowhere in the article does Shia LaBeouf's name appear. This leads us to believe Shia has not been casted, contrary to recent Variety reports. With filming set to begin this June, there's no way Spielberg, Lucas and the crew can keep this puppy under wraps for too much longer. There will be a lot of people on that set, and the chances of someone leaking either photos or plot information are pretty good. David Koepp penned the script, Spielberg is directing and Indiana Jones 4 will hit theaters around the world on May 22, 2008.

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