While I understand mixing some meaty, heavy roles with some mainstream, lighter fare, especially to get that big, box office money, I just can't imagine what Helen Mirren is thinking. If there is a woman who has made a strong and firm footprint in the movie world recently, it is her. She's won a whole slew of awards in the past few years, topped with an Oscar cherry for The Queen, and she receives high praise and admiration all over the place. If there is anyone I would consider to be in a position to take any type of role, I would think it would be her. Yet, JoBlo has a source that says she's going to join Nicolas Cage in National Treasure:Book of Secrets as his mother.

It's a sequel based on a film that didn't even get a 50% decent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Is the script that good, or does she really not care whether it's a quality film or not? I hope she's at least getting the big bucks for this! As I said above, Mirren is rumored to be Cage's mother, Emily Gates. It appears that she will help the hero link his family to John Wilkes Booth and the Knights of the Gold Circle. But she's not the only one to be added. It seems that Ed Harris has been grabbed for the role of Jeb Wilkinson, the movie's traitorous bad guy. Maybe this is a good thing. There could be a great, or at least entirely entertaining script, and there's a whole slew of interesting actors (Harvey Keitel, Diane Kruger and Justin Bartha are said to be returning) to keep things interesting. So, maybe this will be a stellar remake to re-fuel the ever rampant habit of sequels. Or, maybe I'm just trying to rationalize some acceptable reason why Mirren is involved.
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