Mike Myers and Justin Timberlake need questions for UnscriptedHey kids of all ages, the summer of sequels fast approacheth, and with that movie fans'll be visiting Far Far Away once more ('Shrek the Third', that is). Moviefone just booked an Unscripted interview with the big green ogre himself -- Mike Myers to you -- and one of the Shrek newbies -- Justin Timberlake. JT voices Artie, a teenage brat and future king. In case you didn't catch it, Artie's short for Arthur, which means we'll be seeing Merlin, Lancelot and more.

So how do you fit into this equation? We need Unscripted questions! For those of you not familiar, Unscripted is Moviefone's star-on-star video Q&A show in which celebrities interview each other with your questions and some of their own. Now's your chance to ask Myers and Timberlake anything you want to know. Will there be another 'Austin Powers'? If Justin and Mike teamed up for a live action movie, what would it be? Those are just some examples to get you started, but we know you can do better than that, right? So we beg of you, asketh away, and please provide your first name plus the city and state you live in!

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