John Cusack will officially be lending his voice to tell the story of a brilliant underdog named Igor. Chris McKenna, who wrote for the animated series American Dad, penned the film, which is titled after its main character. Igor tells the story of a gifted scientist that, due to undisclosed reasons (physical abnormalities perhaps?), must live his life in the shadow of the acclaimed Dr. Glickenstein. In an effort to move out from under his oppressive wing he creates a huge monster to win in an Evil Science Fair.

Igor was originally set to be played by Christian Slater (who voiced the character in the short film), though there's no word why he dropped out. Cusack will do wonders with the role and is supported by an incredible cast including Steve Buscemi, John Cleese, and Jay Leno. Who will be playing the huge, prize winning monster? None other than the ridiculously funny Molly Shannon. It is comforting to see Shannon working after her long success on SNL that until recently -- thanks to the likes of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph -- was often times death to a woman's career. I hope to see her in larger roles in the near future. The Weinstein Co. -- still going strong since their split with Miramax in 2005 -- is producing the film and John Cusack will also be starring in another Weinstein Co. produced film later this year. Maybe it's just me, but he's still dreamy even when you can only hear his voice.
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