Oooh, the rumor mill is hopping a bit today with an interesting piece of Dark Knight casting news that may or may not be true. As per usual, you'll have to take the following with a huge grain of salt. Apparently, an unnamed independent writer-producer was interested in casting Sarah Michelle Gellar in one of his (or her) upcoming films, which starts shooting this May. However, Gellar's reps ultimately turned down the offer saying that the film could conflict with her schedule for Batman. Um, really? That's news to all of us! Has Sarah Michelle Gellar secretly signed on to star in The Dark Knight? And if so, who is she playing?

If it is indeed true, then that probably means we're looking at two major female roles. We already know that Maggie Gyllenhaal has signed on to star, and that she's replacing Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes. Hmm, perhaps that means Gellar would play ... Harley Quinn. Regardless, two females probably means Harley Quinn will indeed be a character in the film. Quinn originated during the Batman animated series, but her backstory wasn't revealed until the 1994 graphic novel Mad Love. The novel explains that Quinn was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum where she volunteered to evaluate The Joker. She later fell in love with the maniac, helped him escape from the Asylum and became his partner-in-crime.

In my opinion, Gellar is at her best when she plays devilish characters (see: Cruel Intentions). So -- and I'm probably in the minority here -- I think she'd be great as Harley Quinn. Cinematical attempted to contact Gellar's reps for a comment, though as of now we haven't yet heard back. Everyone is keeping real quiet on this one -- but, if we hear more, you'll be the first to know.

[via AICN]

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