Warner Bros. has just released to the web a big batch of new high-res stills from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Scrolling through the pics tells me absolutely nothing about the plot of the film, but maybe you'll have a different reaction. Most of these are classic strike-a-pose publicity stills, with the main characters pointing their wands at the camera or just doing a serious 'wizard face' instead. There's one must-see pic, with a creepy, open-shirted Gary Oldman putting his arm around Harry like as if he (Oldman) were some '70s rock guitarist and Harry was a naive groupie, backstage all of two minutes. There's another weirdly interesting photo of Harry sitting in a chair, with a bunch of people in priest (or judge) robes behind him -- it looks like he's about to face the Spanish Inquisition. Anyway, this should hold you Potter fanatics over for at least another week or so, right? Enjoy.

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