Just where do you draw the line between brewing up a big cauldron of controversy to help your film, and having your controversy close doors on you? Without a doubt, the marketers behind Wristcutters: A Love Story are having fun with the film's premise, and are trying to make things as shocking as possible without actually showing a big, glossy photo of a suicide victim. I first posted about the campaign earlier this month, which will be a big swarm of suicidal cut-outs and shocking imagery. Of course, suicide groups then went into an uproar, as Patrick Walsh shared a few days ago. Now, we've got a one sheet.

Yes, that charming image to the right is one of the ads for the film. Notice that the little drops of blood are actually inverted hearts? It's so literally heartwarming! Or rather, draining! Well, whether you like the ads or not, at least they're not showing the proper suicide-slicing technique, so that's something, right? However, I'm sure that in no time, some desperate kid will try to kill themselves, referencing the movie and then we'll really have some controversy. While I can see the argument for the images, can you really call them "anti-suicide," as Courtney Solomon describes them? The Hollywood Reporter said that they would have a cross-out circle and bar over them, but there is no bar in sight. Thoughts?

[via Bloody Disgusting]
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