Well, it's actually the last covers -- plural. We've got three covers thus far for the final book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and some think that the clues held within the images are hinting about what the final installment will bring. First, there is the U.K. cover, which is probably the least telling of the images, with an older Harry, Hermione and Ron flying into a pile of treasure. There's no Voldemort, and no 'deathly' look to the image, save for an eerie, white disembodied hand holding a sword. As for the next two -- they've got fans buzzing.

First, there is the adult version cover, which features a slithering, gem-studded serpent in the shape of an "S." This is believed to be the "horcrux" -- something in which Lord Voldemort keeps a fragment of his soul. Or, maybe Harry defects to Slytherin, and gets a nice Crackerjack prize for switching? Okay, maybe not. Finally, there is the U.S. cover, which is the most ominous. A front and back landscape picture, we've got Harry in a stadium, surrounded by shadowy figures, reaching up to the sky on the front cover, and his scary nemesis reaching toward him on the back. Now the question becomes, is Harry wearing the locket shown on the adult version, and is Voldemort trying to grab it back? Oh, the possibilities! While you won't have to wait much longer to read it, you will have to wait a while to watch it. The last film won't be out until at least 2010.
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