Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger RabbigHere's the thing about life: Real people can disappoint you. Even the love of your life hogs the sheets sometimes, or has annoying friends, or forgets to pick up the dry cleaning on the night of your big company dinner.

Here's the thing about movies: They're full of people who are ... well, let's face it, they're perfect. Heck, even their flaws are endearing. I mean, who wouldn't want to walk through a parking lot with Lloyd Dobler as he points out a bit of glass that's in your way; or sit enthralled in a nightclub as Jessica Rabbit sings you a torch song; or chase down Orcs with the unbearably sexy Aragorn, future king of Middle Earth?

That's what we thought, too. And we, the staffs of Cinematical and Moviefone, had so much fun compiling our celebrity crush gallery a few weeks back that we went one step further and put together a list of our movie character crushes -- or more specifically, the movie characters we'd love to date, the ones we compare our real-life boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives to when it's late at night and we can't sleep for all the snoring. (Han Solo would never snore. I'm sure of it.)

So after browsing through our choices, come back here and let us know: If you could date any movie character, who would it be? (We'll publish some of the best in two weeks, so watch this space for more.)

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